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Great tool for all the photographers out there who love their creativity to flow uninterrupted, and the imaging tools to be a smooth extension of their thought process! Tony Hewitt


Hi Aaron, thank you for the V3 panel. The V3 panel was masterfully created. I have used other panels but I must say that your panel out performs all of the rest and far exceeds my expectations. I also want to thank you for your wonderful, clear and precise video tutorials. I recently purchased the Luminosity Masks Unmasked workshop and it has totally opened up my world to new and creative ideas. I am a big fan. Thank you,

David Kelly

United States

I recently purchased ADP Pro v3 with the premium training videos. This may be the best software related purchase I have ever made. Aaron was very responsive to my pre-sales questions providing me with confidence to invest in his product. I am new to luminosity masks and the training materials are outstanding. The panel itself is quite powerful and very well designed. Although this is new to me, I do not feel overwhelmed. I am energized to re-visit my entire catalog. Thanks for producing a great panel and supporting videos.

Frank F

United States

Just a quick mail to thank you for producing a fantastic product. I have struggled for a year trying to get my head around luminosity masks and their uses in my workflow. I have purchased other panels and I found them complicated or beyond my skill set.

After two days of practice using ADPpanel+Pro and watching the tutorials, I can now see the endless possibilities that are now available to me.

So pleased and again thank you!

Gary Corken

United Kingdom

I was pleasantly surprised by this panel, and I can highly recommend
to users of all skill levels.

Shades of Grey Magazine

Your video on blending the three images of the temples was fabulous! I have been taking bracketed exposures for years and blending them has been very tedious using traditional fixed luminosity masks.

Having infinitely adjustable masks makes the blending process much faster and with better blends. Your action set is nice, but watching the video was a quantum leap in my understanding of the process of blending bracketed images.

Robert Young

Wow!  I loved your last version of the panel and I think I will love this version even more after binge-watching the tutorials.  I tried to learn Photoshop for years with nothing but frustration.  Your panel makes it so much more intuitive and powerful.  Your panel is really great, but what really makes it really special is the amount and quality of instruction that you provide.  You are a great teacher and thanks so much!

Your panel is the best bargain in photography.

Nancy Bonhaus

United States

I am an enthusiastic, but very amateur photographer and I have looked at several luminosity panels to help me get the most out of my pictures and yours is the one that I thought was the best. You have certainly succeeded in making it very user friendly and your tutorials are clear and easy to follow, even for someone like me who does not have English as their first language. While a lot of people have fantastic PS skills, not everyone can clearly and concisely explain that knowledge to someone else. I’ve watched other instruction videos where the person talks a great deal, but I’m none the wiser when it’s finished. Lars-Göran Nordström


Hi Aaron. Thank you for the updates ( ADPpanel+pro) Love it and now wonder how i was living without it. Arshad Inamdar


I’ve been struggling with luminosity masks for years as most of my PP has been in Lightroom. About 1/3 of the way through the videos and at long last it’s making sense. I’ve been sitting on a slew of landscape images taken in Ecuador last November and chomping at the bit. Fantastic training, well done.

Gareth C


thank you for the v3.1 update.
You say it’s a minor update, but I think it’s a great update which make this awesome tool even better. And very important for me are your tutorials. After years with PS I’m still scratching the surface. Your videos are a big help.
Peter G


I wanted to write to say Thank-you for making your ADPpanel+Pro available and so wonderfully useful. I have the panel positioned in PS right above my Layers panel as you suggested and have been using it daily…it does everything, looks great and I appreciate all of the effort you put into making it such a great photo processing aid.

And wow, the way you have laid out the instruction videos on your web site is truly fantastic…easy to find exactly what I’m looking for in terms of learning what each feature does and how one might wish to use those functions.

I’m a big fan, thanks !!

John Wyburn

United States

Aaron, your panel is amazingly simple to use and does everything I need for fine control of the development process.

I also have 3 other panels. Those are good products too but all I use now is your panel. It is right on target for amazing results. What I really like is your approach to creating and fine tuning luminosity masks.

Thank you for a great product and I am anxious to see where the tool goes in the future.

Randy Moon

United States

I am blown away by your tools that you have given me. Thank you so very much. Daniel Goldman

United States

Your ADP Panel is outstanding as are your videos explaining its use and the use of luminosity masks! Thanks so much. Linda Jeffries

United States

I’ve used another panel for almost 2 years, and it’s a good product. But I really like how you have taken the “Infinity Mask” concept of playing with the levels sliders to change masks and then threaded that approach through so many things in the workflow. I also tried your panel to check out Auto Mask and it is surprisingly effective on some blends. It should be a time saver, and also allows you to quickly experiment with alternate blends,

whereas manual blending layer masks can be very time consuming. Your different approach to Mask the Mask is also quite clever and effective.

In your videos you suggest that Auto Adjust is a good tool for Luminosity Mask newbies. I am not a LM newbie, but I find myself using Auto Adjust anyways, because it automates key adjustments that I make on nearly all of my images, so it really helps productivity. It’s almost like having Lightroom sliders for Luminosity Masks…..

Ed McGuirk

United States

You have really excelled yourself in making your new ADPpanel+Pro so easy to use. I have tried several of the most popular panels on the market and yours truly makes my workflow much faster than all the others and the power it provides me is amazingly awesome.

Thank you so much and keep up the good work.

Bob Bridgewater

United Kingdom

This is certainly the best on the market , easy to use and your tutorials are easy to follow. When instructions get complicated and way too technical, I get turned off, ease of practical use is the key. I’m getting very good results with my editing . I do my own printing, my prints are absolutely gorgeous on fine art paper, just as I see on my screen, with soft proofing.

Joan R

United States

I have just spent a couple hours playing with V3.

What you have done with the Heat Map concept has dramatically evolved LM
panel based processing. I now find it so intuitive to make adjustments, it nearly eliminates any guesswork about mask selection.

You continue to push the limits of what is possible, and made my processing
infinitely easier.  Bravo !!!
Ed M

United States

Hi Aaron, I just wanted to thank you for the luminosity mask panel, it completely changed my work flow, photo’s I had given up on are turning out great! Allen Hunnie


Also, I use your panel exclusively. I, like others, have purchased other panels. Your panel is by far the easiest to use. Your videos are great.  I also purchased your masks unmasked tutorial. I have learned so much. If I would have known your tutorials were so easy to learn from, I never would have gotten the others. Miguel Holguin


I just want you to know that your tutorials are awesome! I was trying another panel before and found it confusing and difficult. Yours is really easy to follow and makes sense. Christine Cuthbertson


Thanks Aaron! I am very happy to use your new panel. It’s fabulous and easy to do selections. I love it. It made my blending easy and less time to find right mask. Great Job Sir! Sahajpal Rai


You are a true “Master”!!!

You and your luminosity panel have helped me so much with my post processing. Thank you.

Wayne Courson


I came across Luminosity masks some years ago and saw the power of them, I spent a good deal of money on a panel and watched the tutorials…. It was complex, clumsy and clear as mud so I just forgot about them.  A little while ago I watched some of Aaron Dowlings tutorial videos… free ones at that, ….. this rekindled my interest so I investigated the ADP luminosity mask panel and purchased it. Not only was it way cheaper, but was far easier to use, the tutorials are just excellent and regularly updated. This is not a done job for Aaron as he is continually refining the panel, the release of the latest ADP panel pro is a tribute to his hard work, the quality of instructional videos exceptional as well as his personal help through the Facebook page. Well done Aaron, a great product that is well supported! Greg Tungate


A few days ago I discovered on the internet your site. I was looking for a PS Panel with Luminosity Masks. I had tried several panels but was not satisfied. Your panel is absolute ‘First Class’ and on your site I found so many Luminosity Tools and explanations. I thank you for that very much. Ferdinand de Groot


Thanks Aaron for such a fun and powerful panel, I absolutely love it. Matthijs Hollanders


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