The Art of Black & White Editing Video Workshop


The Art of Black & White Editing video workshop is a comprehensive video workshop designed to help in creating dynamic and high impact black and white images. We discuss why and when to convert images to monochrome, and many techniques for conversion and their differences. We then move on to take those techniques, build on them, and complete 4 full image edits.


  • 5 hours of downloadable HD video.
  • Image files used in the workshop.


The Art of Black and White Editing Video Workshop

Black and White or monochrome conversion can transform an image into a stunning work of art. They have a timeless feel, especially if they are converted and treated well. We look at the work of some stunning B&W photographers around the world to understand what makes a great B&W image. Building on this we cover the majority of methods for converting our image to black and white, looking at the advantages and disadvantages with each method. When we convert our images to black and white is also important, as it can have a drastic impact on the quality of our images.

With all of these tools, we build on everything we’ve learned and add a great deal more as we edit 4 images to completion. We use all kinds of methods to create the final images, some you may have seen before and some you may not have thought about. Luminosity masks are used during the editing, regardless of the method or product you use to create them you’ll be able to follow along. A large amount of the processing is done without luminosity masks, so there is something in this video workshop for everyone.

We cover many topics throughout the workshop, including but not limited to the following topics:

  • What kind of images work best as B&W images.
  • Converting your images (9+ methods described).
  • When to convert your images to black and white for the best results.
  • 4 full image edits, showing the entire black and white workflow.

Included with your purchase:

  • 13 HD Videos with approximately 5 hours of content to download or watch online
  • image files used in the workshop
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  • Download the image files used in the workshop

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The copyright for all images provided for this workshop are retained by Aaron Dowling Photography and ADP Pro. Images are to be used only to follow along with the workshop videos for educational purposes, and cannot be used for any other purpose, including: posting on the internet (social media, websites, etc..), sold as digital or printed media, printed for your own use, or shared with others who have not purchased the workshop.