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ADP Pro v3 has taken the concepts of selecting, modifying, and using Luminosity Mask Panels to a new level. With a simple compact interface, you have access to 15 in-built panels at the press of a button from the main panel. We’ve significantly improved the creation of masks with easy to use mask adjustment tools and visual interfaces. In addition to all the powerful methods of Luminosity Mask creation we’ve included many additional tools for image processing.

We’ve added many new features into ADP Pro v3, while keeping all of the functionality of our previous panel. Below is a brief list of the new tools built into the luminosity mask panels, followed by an image and description of each of the panels built in.

New Functions and Features in ADP Pro v3

  • Single Panel Interface: access all 15 panels and tools from a single compact, non-intrusive panel.
  • Luminosity with Layers (16-bit): New powerful tonal adjustment tools, paint, and dodge & burn directly on the masks.
  • Quick Masks (16-bit): A new method of mask creation in ADP Pro v3, using calculations for mask creation. All of the adjustment and application tools for mask modification and use.
  • Heat Map Tonal Zones (16-bit): A visual overlay on your image of an 11-zone system, allowing you to easily visualise the tones in your image. Make selections in 1 or multiple zones visually allowing the creation of virtually an area of your image.
  • Apply, Adjust, Replace Masks (16-bit): Apply, adjust or replace a mask on any layer. Work in real-time seeing the effect of adjustments and switch between your image and mask view.
  • Mono FX: Create stunning monochrome images with 11 preset filters, unprecedented image modification tools and colour toning.
  • Colour FX: Create stunning colour effects to your images, also paint colour on your images and use luminosity to control the areas affected.
  • Sharpening: 3 methods of Auto-Web sharpening, 4 methods of manual web sharpening, and edge protection tools.

These are only a few of the new tools built into ADP Pro v3 Luminosity Mask Panel. See the introductory video below to get a quick glimpse of our new panel. Visit our tutorials page, to see further videos on the use of ADP Pro v3. The images and descriptions below will show all the panels built into ADP Pro v3.

ADP Pro Luminosity Mask Panels Main Panel

ADP Pro v3 Main Panel

This is the main panel in ADP Pro v3, and is the launching point for all the other luminosity mask panels and tools. A compact, non-intrusive design that will sit easily above your layers panel if you’re using a single screen for editing.

The top section of the panel is where you’ll find the three main Luminosity Mask creation tools:

Middle Section of the Main Panel

The Apply – Adjust – Replace Panel, Subtraction Masks Panel, Channel Masks Panel, Vibrance & Saturation Masks. Three methods of automated blending with the Auto Blend Panel and undo automated blending with the Undo Blend Panel. You’ll also find the Dodge & Burn Panel, and the powerful Group Masking tools allowing you to limit your adjustments through the masking the mask technique.

Bottom Section of the Main Panel

The bottom section of the main panel is broken down into 4 sections.

Adjustment Layers: 11 of the most common adjustments layers are here as well as the adjustment layer properties.

Filters: In this section, you’ll find two exciting panels with Colour FX and Mono FX. Load Camera Raw with the Camera Raw tool or Camera Raw as a smart object. Apply a Gaussian Blur to your masks or image layers and rasterize your layers to remove the smart object.

Viewing Options: In this area you will find tools for viewing your image from zooming in and out, full screen or 100%. Turning your masks on and off, viewing your mask, turning your layers on and off, or deleting your layers.

Tools & Finishing: There are some powerful tools in this section to assist in your image editing. Some of the new and exciting tools in the section are a 4-stage dust removal, reveal clipped areas in your images, remove chromatic aberration, remove halos, noise reduction. You’ll also find the familiar flatten image, merge all, vignette and frequency separation.

In this section of the panel you will also find two additional panel, including Create Your Own where you can add up to 12 of your own actions and rename them. In this section you’ll find the Sharpening Panel, which has been significantly enhanced.

ADP Pro Luminosity Mask Panels With Layers

Luminosity Mask Panels – Luminosity With Layers

The Luminosity with Layers panel uses layers in your layer stack to create your masks. This method of mask creation gives you the capability to utilise the colours in a colour image to modify the mask, increasing your ability to specifically target areas of interest in your images.

Access to this panel is when any of the luminosity selection buttons are pressed on the main panel: Darks, Lights, Midtones, R-Zone, E-Zone or the colour channels are selected. Three layers are created in your layer stack, giving full control over your mask creation. You can also switch between the colour channels at any time during mask creation to see if a colour channel will better target your desired selection.

In addition, you have the ability to adjust your blacks, whites and midtones at the push of a button in the Adjust Your Mask section. You also have the ability to paint or dodge & burn to further target your selection.

We have significantly increased the functionality in how you can apply your mask. With 10 adjustment layers, 3 methods of dodging & burning, loading a selection, or creating a black & white image directly from your luminosity mask.

ADP Pro Quick Masks Luminosity Mask Panels

Luminosity Mask Panels – Quick Masks

The Quick Masks Panel is accessed by pressing the Quick Mask button above the colour channels at the top of the main panel. As opposed to using layers, quick masks use 16-bit calculations to create a luminosity mask. Masks created using this method do not differ from those created with layers, but there are a couple advantages. The zone masks have greater feathering, creating slightly smoother transitions, and you have 19 instead of 11 restricted zones. Dodging and burning of the mask has a little more control then with layers.

Instead of using the layers as you do in the Luminosity with Layers panel, you can adjust your mask with Levels, Curves, Brightness & Contrast, or the Refine tools. You also have the same single button ability to modify your blacks, white and midtones, paint on your mask or dodge & burn the mask.

The same functionality for using your mask in Luminosity With Layers is built into Quick Masks, giving you complete creative freedom.

ADP Pro Luminosity Mask Panels Heat Meat Zone System

Luminosity Mask Panels – Heat Map Tonal Zone Masks

Heat Map Tonal Selections take selecting masks to a whole new level. Utilising an 11-Zone system, these zones are overlaid over your image, visually showing all the zones in colour. This makes selecting a zone, or multiple zones to work in very easy. The selections made using this panel are limitless, virtually negating the need for any other luminosity mask selection tool. Masks created here utilise 16-bit calculations.

You have all the same modification ability that is built into the Quick Mask Panel, allowing you to modify you mask simply and quickly.

The same methods are utilised in this panel for using your masks that are built into all the other luminosity panels. You also have the masking your mask functions built into this panel.

ADP Pro Luminosity Mask Panels Apply Adjust Replace Image View

Luminosity Mask Panels – Apply – Adjust – Replace

The Apply – Adjust – Replace function allows you to:

  • Apply a luminosity mask to a layer that currently does not have a mask.
  • Adjust a mask that already exists on a layer
  • Replace a mask on an existing layer with a luminosity mask.

The panel will automatically recognise whether the layer already has a mask or not.

You can also switch at any time between working while viewing your image in Image View, allowing you to make adjustments in real time. Switch at any time to mask view, to work on the mask directly. And, switch between these two views quickly, giving you amazing control over how the mask effects your adjustment or blending.

This panel utilises 16-bit calculations to create the masks. You have all the same power to modify and adjust the masks that are built into the Quick Masks Panel.

ADP Pro Luminosity Mask Panels Subtraction Masks

Luminosity Mask Panels – Subtraction Masks

The Subtraction Masks Panel allows you to create specialised masks. From time to time when making adjustment in our image we want to target specific tones, but don’t want them all affected, such as our brightest lights or darkest darks. Using subtraction masks, you can select a tonal range to work in, then select a tonal range to remove from your selection.

You have all the same ability that is built into the Quick Mask Panel for modifying and using your mask.

With the addition of the Heat Map Tonal Zone Panel, Subtraction Masks may not be utilised as often as they used to, but is still a powerful tool in your arsenal.

ADP Pro Channel Masks

Luminosity Mask Panels – Channel Masks

The Channel Mask panel has been retained in ADP Pro v3. Channel masks are a legacy method of mask creation. The creation of masks has been enhanced significantly since channel masks were first being used, but some photographers still prefer using channel masks. The panel works by pressing:

  • Lights to create 6 different lights masks.
  • Darks to create 6 different darks masks.
  • Midtones to create 6 different midtone masks.
  • All to create all 18 masks.

You then make selections by going through the masks in your channels, loading them as selections and applying them to your images. Once you’ve completed with the masks, you need to delete them to reduce the file size of your image.

ADP Pro Automated Blending
ADP Pro Undo Automated Blending

Automated Blending & Undo Blending

The Automated Blending tool is built with semi-automatic blending methods and one fully automatic blending method. You can blend up to 7 images together with the use of luminosity in Semi Auto and Semi Auto Reverse and using the Blend If function for the last method.

  • Semi Auto uses masks and blends your images from darkest to lightest. 
  • Semi Auto Reverse uses masks and blends your images from lightest to darkest. 
  • Blend If is fully automated using the blend if function on each layer. 

Automated blending is a great starting point into understanding the using masks in the blending of images. The ultimate method for blending images is through manual blending. Although automated blending can yield great results, understanding the process of blending images gives you complete power and control over the final image.

If you have completed a blend and you’re not happy with the result and want to try again, or try a different method use the Undo panel. This panel will quickly undo all of the blending that you just completed.

ADP Pro Auto Adjustments

Auto Adjustments

The Auto Adjustments Panel uses layers with luminosity selections like sliders in Lightroom or Camera Raw. You can make adjustments with 4 lights, 4 darks and 5 contrast adjustments.

Using the buttons at the top of the panel you choose what tonal range you want to work, or all tonal ranges. Each slider in the panel will be represented by a layer in your layers window. All you then need to do is slide the sliders to work in those tonal ranges, it’s as simple as that.

This is another great tool to get you started in the application of luminosity masks, or to make quick adjustments in your images without going through the process of selecting masks.

ADP Pro Dodge and Burn

Dodge & Burn

The Dodge & Burn Panel combines the power of dodging and burning with a luminosity mask to give you complete tonal control. It provides three methods of dodging and burning:

  • Transparent Layer: allowing standard dodging and burning, but you can also use colour, to make your images richer.
  • Middle Grey Layer: this works similar to a transparent layer, except you can use colour. Color in your image is effected with this method.
  • Curves: This allows dodging and burning without effecting colour.

You will also find all of these dodging and burning tools in each of the luminosity mask creation panels.

ADP Pro Colour FX

Colour FX

The ColourFX panel comes with many filters built-in to create effects and the ability to draw out or remove detail in your images. You also have the ability to paint colour directly on your images and use masks to control the areas affected. 

With 4 Orton Glows for that ethereal look, detail extraction to enhance textures, add and remove structure, simulated polarisation, create punchy images with dynamic contrast, and remove haze with De-Haze. 

Enhance colours in your images by painting with colour, a trick used a lot by landscape photographers. Combine it with luminosity masks for complete control.

ADP Pro Mono FX

Mono FX

Create stunning monochrome images with the MonoFX Panel in ADP Pro v3. With 11 modern filters, giving you a great starting point, from dark and detailed to high key images, there’s a filter for any mood.

It doesn’t end there though, you have complete creative control over the final product. You have access to all of the filters layers allowing further modification to your image. Apply one of 18 colour overlays to bring out your desired mood.

You can then create your final image as an image layer, or maintain all of the layers used in creation. You can then continue with another edit if you’d like to blend multiple filters together.

ADP Pro Create Your Own

Create Your Own

The Create Your Own Panel, allows you to add up to 12 of your own actions into the panel. You no longer need to go to your actions window, you can have them built directly in.

You can rename the buttons in the panel, so that they are recognisable to you when you open the panel.

This is a great way to have all of your favourite tools in one place.

ADP Pro Sharpening Panel


The Sharpening Panel has been enhanced significantly in ADP Pro. It’s now been broken down into sections, and sharpening will be done a duplicate document so your original image is no longer effected.

Auto Web Sharpening: You have three methods you can use for sharpening, or all methods at once. Choose from 7 preset sizes or enter your own size.

Self Sharpening: Take complete control with 4 methods of sharpening, set sizes or leave your image in its current size.

Eliminate over sharpened areas in your images by using one of the two methods of edge protection.

ADP Pro is much more then just a luminosity mask creation tool. It gives you complete creative freedom in all aspects of image editing.