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ADP Pro Luminosity Masks Panel History

We created our first Luminosity Masks panel in 2014, however our journey began long before that. Aaron Dowling (Developer, Owner & Professional Photographer) began his creative photography journey in the early 2000’s, although started using Photoshop as a creative outlet a few years earlier. In 2013 he started building a Photoshop extension panel for his own personal use to speed up his workflow, and soon realised that this could be something that photographers and graphic designers around the world could benefit from. This was the beginning of our first Luminosity Mask Action Panel, ADPpanel.

Our Luminosity Masks panel started from humble beginnings, with a very basic luminosity panel, and now to our 6th version, ADP Pro v3. Our Photoshop panels have expanded well beyond a basic luminosity mask creation tool into a full featured workflow panel. 

Of course, we haven’t stopped there, we continue to produce tutorials and video workshops to not only help you to understand how to use our tools effectively, but to improve your post processing skills and give you the knowledge and tools used by professionals around the world. We continue to innovate, work with a growing number of photographers around the world, improving our current products and bringing new and exciting products to you. 

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