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Luminosity Masks & Full Workflow Panel 

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The Most Powerful and User Friendly Luminosity Mask Panel on the Market Today

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Amazing Power at Your Fingertips

We’ve taken all the power of luminosity masks and combined them into one amazing plugin for Photoshop. With 4 methods of luminosity mask creation available in one place, mask creation has never been easier. We have incorporated the most extensive mask modification tools available, allowing you to create the perfect mask for any application. 

We didn’t stop with luminosity masks, taking ADP Pro well beyond a simple luminosity mask tool, creating a full workflow panel. You’ll find ADP Pro your go to tool, for almost every aspect of your image editing. From creating stunning black and white images, the most powerful dodging and burning tools on the market to sharpening your images like a pro. 

You’ll find everything you need in ADP Pro, the list of features is almost limitless. We’re always improving, taking your ideas, new innovations and ensuring our products are at the leading edge. 


Luminosity Masks Panel ADP Pro

15 Panels in 1

We’ve built 15 innovative and unique panels into one powerful and easy to use Photoshop plugin. The Main Panel is your workflow panel and the launching point for the 14 additional unique panels, all in one place. Each panel opens in the same area as the main panel, creating a compact yet powerful plugin.

With Panels Including:

11-Zone System Heat Map | Luminosity Masks With Layers | Quick Mask Luminosity Masks | Subtraction Masks | Apply-Adjust-Replace Luminosity Masks | Channel Masks | Dodging & Burning | Sharpening | Mono FX | Colour FX | Automated & Undo Auto Blending | Automated Adjustments | Create Your Own | Main Workflow Panel

<< Click Image to See Details on All 15 Panels

Below you will find some additional detail about 3 of our panels, for complete write-ups and introductory videos click the links provided. For details on all 15 of the panels, see above.

Luminosity Masks With Layers

Luminosity Masks With Layers Video Link Image

Using the power of layers in Photoshop, you’ll create 16-bit luminosity masks with unprecedented control. Create virtually any selection with ease and precision. Refining your selections using the colour in your images is one of the key features using this method of mask creation.

Your Options are Limitless

Quick Mask Luminosity Masks

Luminosity Masks by Calculations with Quick Masks

Using the power of Calculations in Photoshop, you’ll create precise 16-bit luminosity masks, with beautiful smooth transitions between tones. With incredible control over the refinement of your mask, you’ll never look at editing the same way again.

Creating Masks Has Never Been More Powerful

Zone System (Heat Map) Selections

ADP Pro Heat Map Zone System Video Link

You won’t find an easier way to make Luminosity Mask selections. Combining all the power of 16-bit Luminosity Mask by Calculations with a visual interface, you’ll make any selection in seconds. This takes the zone system created by Ansel Adams to a whole new level.

Luminosity Masks Made Easy With A Visual Interface

ADP Pro Panel Features

Regardless of your genre of photography, you’ll find the control in all aspects of your image editing enhanced with ADP Pro. Light is the key to images, we’ve taken light & colour and made powerful selection tools that will allow you to make virtually any selection in Photoshop. From hard edged selection for composite or product photography to beautifully smooth transitions in your selection for fine adjustments and blending. You’ll combine all of these tools to take complete control over all aspects of your editing. 

Digital Blending / Exposure Blending

Digital Exposure Blending with ADP Pro in Photoshop

Exposure Blending is one of the most well-known uses for Luminosity Masks. Digital blending is a technique where you take 2 or more images, shot at different exposures, and blend them together. Allowing you to create a higher dynamic range image, with a natural look, without the use of HDR software. This method of digital blending gives you the ultimate control and stunning results. 

With all the mask creation tools built into ADP Pro, making selections to complete your exposure blends will be simple. In addition, we’ve built 3 methods of auto blending into the panel, for quick blending. 

Dodge and Burn With Precision

Dodge and Burn in Photoshop with Luminosity Mask

Dodge and Burn with Luminosity Masks for amazing control and paint with light, bringing your images to life. Use dodging and burning to direct the viewers eye through the image and lead them on a visual journey. When you dodge and burn with colour you’ll create beautiful rich and vibrant tones to your images. 

The dodge and burn capabilities in ADP Pro are the most advanced on the market today. With 3 methods built into all our mask creation tools, and a dedicated Dodge & Burn panel, you’ll have the awesome power of this technique at your fingertips.

Powerful Selection Tools

Making Luminosity Mask Selection in ADP Pro

Make extremely accurate 16-bit selections for compositing images, to selections with smooth tonal transitions for seamless digital blending and adjustments. The power of making selections is unparalleled. We’ve taken the power of all luminosity selection methods, and have created the ultimate mask creation tool. 

 You are no longer limited, by a single method of luminosoty mask creation. With the ability to use color in Luminosity with Layers, the Zone System Heat Map, and the Calculations method of Quick Masks, you’ll never need another selection tool for Photoshop.

Additional Features of ADP Pro

Below are just of the few amazing features that we’ve built into ADP Pro. We’ve strived to bring you a comprehensive workflow panel, with great functionality to speed up your workflow and help you create beautiful imagery. In addition to the luminosity mask creation tools, you’ll find a long list of valuable tools for all aspects of your image editing. You’ll never reach for another tools in Photoshop.

  • Luminosity Masks With Layers (16-bit)
  • Luminosity Masks With Calculations (16-bit)
  • Zone System Masks – Heat Map (16-bit)
  • Subtraction Masks (16-bit)
  • Colour Masks (16-bit)
  • Infinitize Any of Your Masks
  • Push Button & Full Manual Mask Adjustment Tools
  • Reveal Tonal Gradients
  • Apply, Adjust & Replace and Mask With Ease
  • Mono FX For Beautiful Black & White Images
  • 3 Methods of Automated Blending

  •  Automated Shadow, Highlight & Contrast Sliders
  • Mask the Mask Features, for Ultimate Control
  • 3 Stage Dust Spot Reveal / Removal
  • Remove Halos
  • Frequency Separation
  • Easy Vignettes (Choose any Shape)
  • Reveal Clipping in Your Images
  • Vibrance and Saturation Masks
  • Remove Chromatic Aberration
  • 4 Methods of Orton Glows

  • 4 Tonal Zone Detail Extractors
  • Saturation Painting
  • Add & Remove Structure
  • Add Dynamic Contrast & De-Haze
  • Noise Reduction
  • Automated Web Sharpening With 3 Sharpening Methods to Choose From
  • 4 Methods of Self Sharpening
  • Add up to 12 of Your Own Action in the Panel
  • Many Workflow Tools Built-in such as (Merge Layers, Fill Layers, Camera Raw Filters, and much more…)

Example Images Using ADP Pro

Example Image Using ADP Pro Luminosity Masks

Video Introduction

Free Video Tutorials

At ADP we’re always creating new free video tutorials to enhance your experience with our products. We’re always discovering new and exciting ways to use the tools built into ADP Pro, and bringing those techniques to our users. If there’s a technique that you’re struggling, we’ll often create videos to help you out, and either share in our Facebook community or as a full tutorial.

Find Our Latest Video Links Below

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Dodge and Burn with Luminosity Masks
Reveal Clipping in Photoshop For Creative Editing
Use Luminosity Masks for Vibrant Images

All Video Tutorials Here

What Do You Get With ADP Pro

Download ADP Pro Instantly, including 15 Built-In Panels, Giving You The Full Power of Luminosity Masks & More.

32 How to Use Videos, 4.5 Hours, Available to Download to Your Computer or Watch Online.

E-mail Support & Access to Facebook Support Community. Learn and be Inspired by Other Users.

Over 12 Hours of Free Video Tutorials, Revealing New Tips and Techniques.

Available for Photoshop CC2014 – CC2019 for Both Mac and PC’s
Works Perfectly in All Language Versions of Photoshop.
Available for Immediate Download With Simple Installation.
Free Panel Available for CS6 and Free Basic Panel for CC2014 – 2019.

For Photoshop CC2014 – CC2019 | All Language Versions of Photoshop | Easy Installation (Install Video Included) | Free Updates (Discounted Major Upgrades)

End Of Summer Sale!!

35% Off Everything In Store

For a Limited Time

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ADP Pro v3

Our luminosity masks plugin for Photoshop CC2014 - CC2019. With 15 panels built in and over 4.5 hours of "How to Use" videos that show you the complete functionality of the panel.

Luminosity Masks Unmasked

Learn to master the use of Luminosity Masks from the beginning. With this 8.5 hour video workshop, you'll learn how to create and use luminosity masks in your workflow.

The Art of Black & White Editing

Learn the art of editing high impact monochrome (Black & White) images. A comprehensive black and white workflow video workshop with 5+ hours of content.

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Start to master Photoshop today, with the most comprehensive Photoshop for Beginners workshop on the market today. 16 Hours of HD video.